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Community Guidelines


Everyone in the Leadership 2040 Community plays a role in keeping the space safe and respectful. 

Communication in a forum or workspace should always remain polite and respectful. Any posts that do not meet a professional standard, or that cause unnecessary offence to any users will be removed from the forum. 

This forum welcomes people from across organisations, including the public service, education and private sectors and community organisations. We encourage Community users to discuss topics that are of wider interest to others in the group, including industry-specific topics, learning and development best practice as well as supporting discussion around industry events. 


There are many different resources available to users in the Leadership 2040 Community. Past presentations, newsletters and articles are all available to help you get the most out of your workspace. 

As a Community user, you can also create and share your own resources in the Community and we encourage you to do so. This could include videos, sound files and documents. Please share any content or resources that you feel would be useful to the Community. 

The Community is yours to help shape and grow. We will always err on the side of allowing content to be posted, but retain the right to remove content we feel does not meet these guidelines. We welcome a diverse and robust set of opinions and knowledge sharing amongst our global network of learning professionals.


Reminder that anything you post will be stored on the site and in our back-up systems.

We are bound by the Personal Information Protection Act. For more information, see here

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